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Hoboken Girl Comes for Visit

Jen, the editor and founder of Hoboken Girl, came by the shop this weekend and was thoroughly impressed with the space. I hope the same goes for the rest of you!

Check out her awesome article on us!

Dog Walk of the Dead!

Another rainy weekend won't stop the zombies from coming! Even in this dreary weather, people came out with their pups in full costume in Montclair! 

Missed us this weekend? Come meet us at the 6th Borough Market this coming weekend, Sunday Oct 19 behind the Jersey City Hall. 

Shelly and Steph at the Dog Walk of the Dead in Montclair

Shelly and Steph at the Dog Walk of the Dead in Montclair

NJ Zombie Walk 2014!

Even rain can't keep the zombies, and WHOS away. The morning started with heavy winds and rain - but finally cleared in the afternoon! Thank you to all those who came to Asbury Park to support. Hope all of you enjoyed the treats! Hope you enjoy the photos, if you have any from this or any event you would like us to post, please send it to us at or tag us on instagram or Facebook!

Wanderlust 108 - Brooklyn

Eat good food and do fun things - resist becoming the normal boring person. Join WHOS on September 13 at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Brooklyn. No, we will not be working, and yes we are doing the 5K run followed by a yoga class and some meditation. Feed your mind, soul and gluten free bellies.