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Find us at Red Lion Coffee Co.

Thats right! If you can't make it to Jersey City Heights, you can buy our snacks along with some out of this world coffee at the Red Lion Coffee Co. in Hoboken. 

We are excited to be working with the Red Lion team, and being able to provide our gluten free snacks for everyone to enjoy. Let them know we sent you!

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seth making dreams come true, one cup at a time. 

seth making dreams come true, one cup at a time. 

942 in the making

WHOS Gluten Free put a kitchen together in less than a week, more like 3 days. Thats right! A few late nights at the store pairing, putting furniture together, buying - so many things to buy.. but we made it. This could not have happened without a team dedicated to the cause!

Dog Walk of the Dead!

Another rainy weekend won't stop the zombies from coming! Even in this dreary weather, people came out with their pups in full costume in Montclair! 

Missed us this weekend? Come meet us at the 6th Borough Market this coming weekend, Sunday Oct 19 behind the Jersey City Hall. 

Shelly and Steph at the Dog Walk of the Dead in Montclair

Shelly and Steph at the Dog Walk of the Dead in Montclair

It's Official - We Have a Little Place to Call Home

It's Official - We Have a Little Place to Call Home

Three green companies, one beautiful space and an ultrasupportive community = a dream collaboration. Do You Tea?, WHOS Gluten Free and Bloomsbury Sq are set to make, bake, blend and welcome all at 942 Summit in JC Heights. Opening mid-October!

Stephanie, Kelley and I took a quick pic before today's planning session for our new space, Summit on the Green.

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Look Who's Going Gluten Free

An article I read today on NPR. 

A survey by the market research group Packaged Facts finds that consumers have all sorts of motivations for experimenting with gluten-free diets. Some say they think it will help them shed a few pounds. They figure if they’re giving up wheat, they’re cutting carbs. But it usually doesn’t work this way.

Leffler’s research is finding that often times, people gain weight on gluten-free diets. Sometimes, if people are giving up pizza, they’ll compensate by eating something extra — say, ice cream. “It’s a common coping strategy,” says Leffler.

”I think there’s a perception that gluten-free equals health,” Leffler told me. “It’s just not the case.” Just because there’s no gluten in a food doesn’t mean it’s not loaded with calories, fat and sugar.

So his advice? If you think your body isn’t tolerating gluten, get tested for celiac disease. Or try a gluten-free diet.
— http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2011/10/17/141359188/look-whos-going-gluten-free

"Double Double" a Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie

WHOS ready to try some of our new "Double Double" cookie? Made with organic coco powder and ghirardelli chocolate chips, this cookie is the chocolate lover's dream!

Come pick some up at the 6th Borough Market tomorrow behind City Hall in Jersey City, NJ. We will be there with free samples and goodies to take home from 11am-6pm!

order your own bag of "Double Double" for $6

order your own bag of "Double Double" for $6