"LIVE, LOVE, LIFT" - Nutritionist and blogger, Jaclyn comes for a visit!

Jaclyn Jacobsen, a nutritionist and blogger for Live, Love, Lift stopped by our bakery a few weeks ago for some delicious food and interesting conversations. She's a foodie, who enjoys working out and has a background in nutrition. How could we not get along? Check out the awesome review she wrote about WHOS Gluten Free below!

For those who are unfamiliar with my story, I have been gluten and dairy intolerant for a little over five years now. Since discovering this, I am always on the hunt for restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops etc that have gluten and dairy free options that are made in-house and with quality ingredients.

I had the pleasure of visiting WHOS Gluten Free in Jersey City, NJ this past Sunday and let me say they did not disappoint! Owners Steph and Shelly were super welcoming and helpful in answering all my questions and sharing their stories as well. The interior is super comfy, chic and reminds me of cafes I’ve visited in Soho NYC.
— http://www.liveloveliftonline.com/?p=384