WHOS Gluten Free: Not Only for the Gluten Free

Sophia Parra, aka Antsy Pants, is an author, actress and co-founder of Teddybeard. Found time in her busy schedule to interview me, and I am honored. Check out an excerpt from her blog. Don't forget to follow her on twitter @sophiaparra1

Whether you’re of the school of thought that gluten sensitivities exist or are merely the most recent fad-diet; no one can deny that the quality of our standard grocery items are so low that at times we’re not even eating real food. The majority of the lengthy list of ingredients written on the labels of our “food” contains mostly items that are not only unfamiliar but unpronounceable. These items are artificial additives that lengthen the shelf life of foods, add a preferred color, or simply make us addicted so we buy more from these abusive food companies. These ingredients make our foods so overly processed that they’re not recognized by our body which is looking to use our food for energy. Instead, our bodies confusion results in a growing nation of obese individuals with no knowledge about what real food is and how to maintain a balanced diet that is actually useful to our body.
— www.sophiaparra.com

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