what has gluten


Many people believe that gluten equates to sugar, starches and anything glutinous. I think the big misconception is how closely the word gluten [gloot-n] looks and sounds like glutton [gluht-n]. 


So its no wonder that even someone like Charlize Theron can misunderstand what gluten is. I for one have now lost all respect for her, I think you will too after you check out this video clip of her on Chelsea Lately. If its not sugar, then ... what is this gluten? Take a look at the list below, and commit it to memory, or least try to, it will definitely keep you from getting sick, or least help you understand your poor poor gluten free friends. 

  • all purpose wheat flour
  • barley 
  • barley enzyme
  • barley extract
  • barley grass
  • barley malt
  • barley pearls
  • bleached flour
  • bolted flour
  • bran
  • bread flour
  • bromated flour

  • bulgar
  • bulgar wheat
  • cake flour
  • chapati flour
  • couscous
  • durum
  • einkorn
  • emmer
  • enriched flour
  • farina
  • farro
  • gluten flour
  • graham
  • hydrolyzed wheat
  • instant flour
  • kamut
  • malt
  • malt vinegar
  • matzo
  • organic flour
  • pastry flour
  • seitan
  • self-rising flour
  • spelt
  • semolina
  • tabbouleh
  • tritcale
  • udon
  • wheat
  • wheat bran
  • wheat germ
  • wheat oil
  • wheat protein
  • wheat starch
  • white flour
  • whole grain wheat flour